About the Visual Merchandising Center


Dear PGA Professionals and AGM members:

I am pleased to welcome you to PGAmagazine.com’s Visual Merchandising Center. The VMC highlights and celebrates the imagery, design and style of the ‘best of the best’ merchandising in over 17 categories. Built for PGA Professionals, AGM members, golf shop buyers, golf shop merchandisers and the golf retailing community, this dynamic platform was developed in consultation with past PGA Merchandiser of the Year winners from both the PGA Section and national level.

The Visual Merchandising Center showcases photographs of visual merchandising displays in golf shops around the nation that are managed by PGA and AGM members. The VMC’s purpose is to provide proven visual merchandising ideas that you can incorporate into your own golf shop. This new portion of PGAmagazine.com will also allow users to interact with each other via comments and/or email communication.

Also included in the VMC is a section devoted to the “how to” of visual merchandising. The Video / How To area allows users to read blog posts / articles and watch videos submitted by PGA Professionals, AGM members and other industry professionals about how to succesfully display product and merchandise in golf shops. In a recent article, Craig Kirchner, an accomplished professional with more than 30 years of diversified sales and sales management experience in the apparel industry and regular contributor to PGAmagazine.com and MPlus, wrote about offering trunk shows to your entire membership, not just a select group. To read his article, click here.

The Visual Merchandising Center also includes interactive features that will allow PGA Professionals to submit photos or videos to share with their peers. All submissions will be reviewed by PGAmagazine.com staff for quality and appropriateness before publication.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact me via email at mfrey@pgamagazine.com or by telephone by calling (215) 914-2071.

I hope you enjoy using this new PGAmagazine.com resource.



Matt Frey, PGA
Internet Manager
PGA Magazine