Carlsbad Golf Center

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Susan Roll, the 2011 PGA Merchandiser of the Year for Public Facilities, the 2011 Southern California PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year and three-time Section Merchandiser of the Year for Public Facilities, is the PGA owner of Carlsbad (California) Golf Center.
placeholderMonica Stratton is the PGA head professional at Carlsbad (California) Golf Center.


We create displays for most holidays because it helps make the golf shop festive and define the seasons, which are sometimes hard to tell here in sunny San Diego. People often buy based on emotion and you never know when a display will be focused on their favorite color or holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is one of our most popular displays because superstitious golfers are always seeking something to bring them luck. Tournaments throughout the year also feature holiday themes, so creating color-based displays helps customers find the perfect apparel for their upcoming event. A few times per year, we tie a promotion to a holiday or special event. These include “We Love Our Customers” with free gifts at Valentine’s Day, or a 10 percent discount on all things of a certain color that tie in to a holiday, such as red, white or blue for July 4.