Incline Village


michael-mccoskey-Michael McCloskey is the PGA head professional at Incline Village (Nevada).

agm-logoLauren Iida is the AGM merchandiser at Incline Village (Nevada).


The most outstanding feature of our shop is we have two counters on opposite sides of the shop — one for checking in golfers and one for apparel sales. We have had this set up since our shop was renovated in 2003. Our retail manager, John Nosek, was able to convince the architect to add this extra counter, and it is has made our store much more service oriented. Customer service is improved because the shopping experience is improved. The second counter is located between our ladies section and shoes; both of these areas require more customer interaction, so our retail staff can concentrate of serving these customers. However when there is no one shopping in these areas, our retail staff is trained to also check in golfers for their round of golf and will walk up to the line and offer to take the next person in line with them (they don’t yell across the room). It shows our golfers we care about them and that we don’t want them to have to wait.