Sandia Golf Club

DW-GC 0021matt-malloyMatt Malloy is the PGA director of golf at Sandia Golf Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



matt-malloyKimberli Nelson-Diebold is the AGM director of retail at Sandia Golf Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


At our Sandia shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we carry southwest items such a pillows, blankets, copper vases, baskets and gourds to keep with the southwestern flair that is consistent not only throughout their clubhouse (which is Pueblo style) but as well in their resort on site. Sandia Golf Club is located on the Pueblo of Sandia reservation which covers 22,877 acres on the east side of the Rio Grande Valley. We try to purchase many of these items, such as the baskets, pillows and blankets locally either within the reservation or from another reservation within the state. We do this for a couple of reasons; one is to support the area reservations, the second is to provide our guests with a locally made item. Since many of the guests of the resort are from out of state, they want to bring home some of that southwest flair, what’s better than a gift that was handmade from that area? The gourds we carry are hand painted from a local artist who paints different Native American petroglyphs on the gourds and adds a hang tag on each one describing that painted petroglyphs meaning and to whose reservation it is home to, which gives our guests who purchase these items a bit of an education on the item they purchased.